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Smart Interactive LED Flat Panel

Our Smart Interactive LED Flat Panel is a cutting-edge display solution designed to revolutionize the way you collaborate, present, and engage with your audience. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, this interactive flat panel transforms any space into a dynamic and interactive environment.

The Smart Interactive LED Flat Panel is ideal for educational institutions, corporate environments, boardrooms, training centers, and any space where collaboration, interactivity, and visual impact are essential. Experience the future of interactive displays with our feature-rich and versatile LED flat panel, unlocking new possibilities for engagement, productivity, and creativity.


High-Quality Display

  • Available in various sizes, ranging from 55 inches to 86 inches, to suit different spaces and requirements.
  • Ultra-High Definition (UHD) resolution ensures crisp and vivid visuals, bringing content to life with exceptional clarity and detail.
  • LED backlight technology delivers vibrant colors and consistent brightness, creating an immersive viewing experience.

Durability and Safety

  • Tempered glass with anti-glare coating protects the screen from scratches and minimizes reflections, ensuring clear visibility from different angles.
  • Robust construction and sturdy design ensure long-lasting performance in diverse environments.
  • Eye protection features, such as low blue light emission and flicker-free technology, reduce eye strain during extended usage.



Our Interactive Digital Kiosks are cutting-edge self-service devices that deliver engaging and informative experiences to users in various environments. These sleek and versatile kiosks combine advanced technology, intuitive interfaces, and interactive features to provide a seamless and interactive user experience.

Interactive Digital Kiosks are ideal for retail environments, airports, hotels, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, trade shows, and various other public spaces. Deliver engaging and interactive experiences, provide information, and streamline self-service transactions with our state-of-the-art Interactive Digital Kiosks.

Touchscreen Display

  • High-definition touchscreen display available in different sizes, ranging from 32 inches to 55 inches, to suit diverse requirements and spaces.
  • Capacitive touch technology ensures responsive and accurate touch interactions for smooth navigation and user engagement.
  • Anti-glare coating minimizes reflections and ensures clear visibility even in brightly lit environments.

Transaction and E-commerce Integration

  • Secure payment integration allows users to make transactions directly from the kiosk, facilitating self-service purchases, ticketing, or reservations.
  • Seamless e-commerce integration enables users to browse products, check availability, and place orders directly from the kiosk.

Queue management system

Examples of software in a queue management system:
Online appointment booking
Virtual queuing via smartphone
Staff apps to arrive and serve customers
Customer and staff notifications
Real-time monitoring of operations
Customer feedback surveys
Extensive statistics and analyses

Interactive White Board

A whiteboard is a digital interactive display that allows users to write, draw, and save notes. It features an intuitive touchscreen interface, multi-user collaboration capabilities, pen and gesture recognition, and integration with other tools. It offers a versatile platform for visual communication, fostering creativity, collaboration, and efficient information sharing.


Data Center Racks

Data center server racks are essential components of data center infrastructure, providing a structured and secure environment for housing servers and networking equipment. These racks are designed with sturdy frames and mounting capabilities to accommodate rack-mounted servers, switches, and storage devices. They often feature cable management systems, ventilation options, and security measures to ensure efficient airflow, organized cabling, and protection against unauthorized access.

Indoor SMD Screen


SMD screens are indoor LED displays with seamless integration between modules. They offer high resolution, flexible customization, wide viewing angles, and are designed for close viewing distances.



SMD screens are indoor LED displays with seamless integration between modules. They offer high resolution, flexible customization, wide viewing angles, and are designed for close viewing distances.